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2012 Gathering of the Juggalos propaganda video is fascinating

Danger already covered this on Warming Glow, but holy moly do I have a few thoughts…

- Haystack and Jelly Roll? TOGETHER?! (head explodes)

- Onyx, Warren G, Master P, and DMX appearing makes me sad.

- Illegal chop block at 8:52.

- I really feel bad for the girl working the desk at the Cave in Rock, IL Holiday Inn. She will have nightmares for years.

- Because my work firewalls didn’t block this, I got paid to watch this garbage. Thanks company.

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The good thing about a job I don’t like is that I make time to design unlicensed Cleveland Indians shirts.

The good thing about a job I don’t like is that I make time to design unlicensed Cleveland Indians shirts.

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Infomercial of the year. Check out the feature at the 21 second mark for the only 3 seconds of audio you’ll ever need in your life.

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Opinions on The Walking Dead

Finally got around to watching the season finale of The Walking Dead last night. First, in all fairness, the second half of this season was WAY better than anything that happened since they left the field in season one. HOWEVER, I have some real issues with what’s going on and I need to rant to no one in particular.

First, this is well documented, but Lori is THE WORST. It’s a zombie apocalypse and you can’t keep an eye on your kid for longer than five minutes? The little shit already has a tendency to wander off and drum up walkers. Ugh, eat a sandwich and do some parenting you moron.

Second, how did Herschel manage to pump out around 50 shots from a double barrel shotgun without reloading? My wife thinks he had a backpack with ammo, much like a Super Soaker. Without another suggestion, I’ll side with her on this one. IRL, Herschel

Third, it’s a good thing no one in that group outside of Rick is a cop. They all have tremendous accuracy, even when shooting from a moving vehicle. I witnessed a 100% head shot kill rate. Amazing. If TV has taught me one thing, it’s that cops are horrible shots and random citizens have the marksmanship of Seal Team 6.

Finally, EFF the group of turning on Rick. Like they’re so great? I haven’t seen any of them bring any solutions to the table. Kudos for ending the “democracy”. GRIMES 2012!

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Tumblr has chat?

The only reason I'm posting this is to point out Tumblr's wonderfully snarky Dialogue example...
Could you give us directions to Olive Garden?
New Yorker:
No, but I could give you directions to an actual Italian restaurant.

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Lifetime movie predicts the future, no other explanation will suffice

Damn it Lifetime, when I watch a made-for-TV movie, I expect authenticity. If you missed Rob Lowe’s performance as Drew Peterson in “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”, you missed a piece of cinematic history.

What caused me to pause the movie to rant (and annoy my wife), was the scene after his third wife’s body was found. Drew is playing basketball with his kids in the driveway. His youngest son is wearing a Derrick Rose jersey. Come on Lifetime! His third wife was killed in 2004. Derrick Rose was drafted by the Bulls in 2008. Rose was a high school freshman in 2004. The only explanation? Peterson’s son was a sports psychic!

He struck again later in the movie, wearing a Marian Hossa Blackhawks jersey, but I couldn’t find a screencap of that. Theo Epstein needs to get in touch with that kid yesterday.